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Manufacturing Services

We design and manufacture unique, yet durable pressed stones

At Unique Interlocking and Decorative Stones, we design and manufacture pressed concrete stones. Our stones differ from traditional concrete stones, as they are pressed and can endure the harshest of Canadian winters. Read more about our manufacturing process below

Our Manufacturing Process

1. Mix

We start by selecting a high grade mix of concrete and additives. Our new solution is now mixed with high-quility dyes to produce either bright or dark shades of colours. After mixing the concrete solution with our colour dyes, we proceed to pour the mix into our product moulds. Once the mix is poured into the moulds, the excess is removed and the filled mould moves onto the compacting step.

2. Compact

As the moulds move from the mixing step, they are brought onto a vibrating table. This table is an excellent way to settle all of the mix into the intricate designs and grooves of the moulds. Once compacted and smoothed out, the moulds can now move forward to the curing process.

3. Cure

As the final step of our manufacturing process, the stones are left to dry and harden. Once they have dried and hardened, they are washed, smoothed out, cut (if need be) and finally, brushed with a protective sealant.

Why choose our stones?

  • Weatherproof
  • Durable
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Easy to Install
  • Attractive

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